ACE provides superior products for your raised flooring needs:
ASM FS Series
ASM MC 125 Series
ASM S Series
AF200 Perf for ventilation purposes
ACE PL005 Panel Lifter
We also carry the following understructures:
Corner Bolt
This is the most widely used system for general offices where carpet tile is to be installed. A 1/4 - 20 threaded fastener secures the panel firmly to the pedestal system in each corner of the panel. For use with steel and woodcore panel systems.
Rigid Grid Bolted Stringer
Offering great lateral support, this system is generally used where the panels are gravity held on the understructure. Stringers are available in 2' (600mm) and 4' (1200mm) lengths allowing for standard (2' x 2') or basketweave installations (4' x 4' or 4' x 2').
ASM offers 12 pedestal types allowing for durable strength in any of zones 1 through 4. This full line of pedestals can further be strengthened by bolting them to the concrete slab for most solid flooring systems available.
Posi-CapTM Patent Pending
This new Posi-Cap product drastically reduces installation time of field panels through its positive alignment method and can be left off at perimeter or other special locations where a flat pedestal head is required.

The Posi-Cap is a non-metallic meterial that elimiates any metal-to-metal noise. This along with the improved high-density cement panel fill makes ASM's product incredibly quiet underfoot.
Stringer system for use with MC125 woodcore panels.

FS Series Flooring
This series is constructed of a welded structural steel assembly designed to accommodate dynamic loads. It's specially formulated cementitious fill and powder coated epoxy finish give the FS Panel a quiet and very solid feel underfoot.
This panel is constructed of a high density composite core encased in a sheet metal shell. The MC Systems offer high performance characteristics in a fair valued product. Its solid feel and light weight offers an economical solution to your access floor needs.

S Series Flooring
This hollow steel panel system uses the same welded steel technology found in the FS panel. With its high strength and light weight, the S-Series panel is the product of choice for many computer room applications. This panel has the ability to interchange with the FS panel, allowing for ultimate flexibility in flooring design.
ASM's new adjustable height Lev-A-Flow AF200 perforated panel (patent pending) is the industry's only air flow panel that allows adjustment in thickness to match the abutting solid panels. The AF200 is available in all HPL thicknesses, has a free area of 25% and comes with or without mechanical dampers.
Laminar Air Flow Panel
The ASM Laminar air flow panel is a heavy duty panel of welded tube construction purposely designed to allow unrestricted down flow air movement. This panel is ideal for clean room type air distribution where contamination entrapment is a concern. Because of its smooth vertical rib design, the air moves smoothly and evenly from top to bottom through the panel unlike the typical steel panels constructed of stamped pockets and horizontal members.
Advanced Contracting Enterprises, Inc. provides superior quality flooring for your business. Our flooring products meet or exceed industry standards and have the following highlights.
ASM's revoluntionary trim is printed right into the laminate, under a high wear protective finish. It reduces chipping, caster noise, dirt build-up and cannot wear off. (Patent Pending)
Air Flow Panels
ASM's new adjustable thickness perforated panel will allow the perforated panel to fit flush with the abutting solid panel. The ASM perforated panel can be adjusted in height to match tile thickness ranging between 1/16" to 3/16". No longer will the perforated panel have a step up because the perforated panel is too thick. (Patent Pending)
Electrical Grounding
ASM's "PGD" (positive grounding device) is a solid spring brass clip that is permanently fastened to each panel. This clip provides a system that meets and exceeds the industry's requirement for less than 10 OHMS resistance without the addition of tabs, clips or wires to stringer or panels. (Patent Pending)
New Stringers
Solid tube design and ASM's premium gold coat finish along with a vinyl seal to the top of the stringer eliminates metal-to-metal noise.
The pedestals have a corrosion resistant finish that, unlike others in the industry, is applied after stamping and welding. This ensures that the pedestal is completely protected against rust at edges and weld points.